Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dripkit: Features and Applications

         At present, the Harbest introduces Patak-Ani Dripkit - a kit of complete drip irrigation parts/components designed scientifically, durable and simple-to-operate irrigation system available for 250m², 500m², and 1000m² areas. With Patak-Ani DripKit, no electricity is required, easy to install (do-it-yourself), portable, and affordable! 

üImproved yield. Slow and regular application of water and nutrients uniformly to all plants improves product quality and uniformity and increase yield.
üWater saving. Water savings are 50% compared to traditional irrigation methods. A farmer can irrigate more crops per area per unit of water used resulting to increase on water used efficiency.
üLabor saving. Less labor is required for irrigation, weeding, and fertilizer application compared to traditional production methods.
üTolerance to salinity. Due to slow and regular application of water, concentration of salts in the root zone is reduced and by micro-leaching salts are kept away from the root zone.
üApplication to Variety of Crops. A number of different crops can be irrigated including vegetable crops, fruit cops, commercial crops, flowers, etc.
üReducing fungal disease. Wetting of the foliage is eliminated.

üIdeal for small and marginal farmers.
üRecommended for vegetables, cereals, pulses, cotton and other closely spaced crops.
üCan be used for irrigating greenhouse/shade house and nurseries.
üCan be used for kitchen gardens.
üSuitable for hilly (terracing) regions and/or where land holding is very small.
üSurvival irrigation tool in rainfed area or water scarcity region or when there is a prolonged gap between rains.

üNo electricity required; operate on gravity pressure.
üCan be assembled within short time.
üPortable system; can be easily shifted.
üAll items in one box. Easy to carry.
üAffordable drip system for small farmers.

  • Tank height is based on at the bottom of the tank.
  • Water requirement given is for one hour operation of Patak-Ani DripKit. You need to fill up the tank frequently according to the water requirement of the crop.
  • Up to 500m² area lateral spacing considered as 1m and for 1000m² and 2000m² area lateral spacing considered as 1.2m.
  • For 1000m² and 2000m² DripKit, minimum tank height recommendation is 2.5m.


*Jain Turbo Aqura drip lines



  Water reservoirs like river and dams run out of water; farms are withering; wells are also drying up - the above mentioned scenarios are some of the climate change issues which are being sober because of fast growing population and of urbanization that accelerates water consumption.
Since agriculture needs big amount of freshwater resource and there is scarcity on the supply, our local farmers have to tighten their belts and are forced to reduce the right amount of water needed by the plants resulting to low quantity at poor quality of produce.
  With this concern, to empower small farmers, Harbest Agribusiness Corporation as it carries its mission of providing our farmers with proper and tested agricultural technologies intensifies Agri-Engineering Division by expanding its product lines into one-stop-shop where every need of the costumers/farmers are available. The company is now an exclusive distributor of a world class irrigation parts thru Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

Drip irrigation aids in providing favourable soil moisture condition needed for proper plant growth. It is also known as trickle irrigation, micro irrigation or localized irrigation. It is a method which allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters done with the help of macron tubes which deliver directly to the base of plants (

 The system has many advantages. It is applicable to any type of crop, adaptable to any topographic condition both on hilly and flat surfaces and whether to open field or housed plantation. It is also suitable in rainfed area or where water source is limited which increases water use efficiency. The system is easy to install where labor is saved. It helps to reduce incidence of fungal disease caused by wetting of the foliage. Moreover, drip irrigation facilitates pesticide and so as liquid fertilizer application through fertigation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Odor Buster

              The Odor Busters  effectively eliminate odor from your CR & kitchen.
It also ‘Dis-attract’ flies from your basura & kitchen waste. Reduce significantly the bad bacteria in the environment with the help of friendly microbes.
             Provide a healthy work place for your personnel's!
Bonus points
1.Unclog your baradong kitchen sink from accumulated Sebo
2.Cleans up canal.
3.Clean your table, chairs, walls and floors
4.Removes odor from your pets
5.Make your organic fertilizer out of kitchen waste. 

1 liter Non-chlorinated water or Hugas Bigas
30 ml EM-1 Concentrate
30 ml Molasses or 30 g brown sugar
Pinch of salt (optional)

Procedure on how to make EM Activated Solution (EMAS)
1. Dissolve 30 ml molasses/ 30g brown sugar to 1 liter non-chlorinated water.
2. Add 30 ml EM-1 and mix well.
3. Cover the container tightly. Keep it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
4. On the third day loosen the cap to release the gas inside the bottle and tighten again.
Start using EMAS in 7   days. It should have sweet-sour smell. Use EMAS within 1 month.

Pour 4 liters of EMAS in drainage canals every week to eliminate unwanted smell and reduce sludge build up.

Dilute 20 ml of EMAS per 1 liter of non-chlorinated water. 
Spray it on trash bin twice a day, especially on  kitchen waste,  to eliminate odor.
Note: Biodegradable garbage could be converted into organic fertilizer  using EM bokashi.
Dilute 20 ml of EM fermented hugas-bigas per 1 liter of non-chlorinated water. Use this to clean and disinfect tables, chairs, telephones, mirror, wall, cabinet, door and mirror, etc.
Dilute 20 ml of  EMAS for every 1 liter of water. Use this everyday  in mopping of the floor  to eliminate grease and lessen the odor. For more tougher dirt  use higher dilution.  Avoid mixing this on anti –bacterial soap and other chemical disinfectant. 
Pour 50 ml to 100 ml of  EMAS to toilet bowl. Leave it for 10 minutes then scrub it. This will prevent the salts from binding with other substance  therefore it eliminates the “ring” and keep the drainage pipes clean.
Dilute 20 ml of EMAS per 1 liter of non-chlorinated water. Use this to clean sanitary wares.
To clean sink dilute 20 ml of EMAS to 1 liter of water to remove grease and disinfect. Pour 50 ml to 100 ml pure  EM Fermented hugas-bigas to kitchen sink at the end of the day, trice a week, to prevent clogging on drainage pipes.
Dilute 20 ml of EMAS per liter of water. Use for final  rinsing. This will eliminate odor and make their fur shiny. 
Dilute 20 ml of EMAS  to 1 liter of water. Use this to clean pet house and litter box. Spray this solution on the floor or wall every time you clean to eliminate unwanted odor