Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Agronomic Efficacy Enhancement Product

The Process
The seven percent (7%) evaporation of the fatty acid oil has the unique ability to produce rapid penetration that that of any adjuvant and pesticides, it is primarily due to the open molecules. The open molecules are hereby freely in adapting other closed molecules to establish a re-structured molecular structure. the combined cross linked bonding will produce "1st of its kind" coupling reaction with other molecules.

Therefore, this faty acid adjuvant kills, repel insects, and controls plant diseases faster than any combined adjuvant and pesticide, the difference is this adjuvant has no membrane or film due to 7%-12% evaporation of the surface tension.

Patented Reactor (#1-2013-00016)
The reactors are different from the traditional pyrolysis, distillation and fractionation. It is a conductor that evaporates only the surface tension faster without damaging the molecular structures.

Evidence of open molecules
It produces rapid penetration into the insect's spiracles leading to advance asphyxiation that kills multi-insects. Another factor to consider is the ability to kill bacteria.

Coupling Reaction
It unites the negative ion and positive ion leading to one single cross-linked bond. When the exposed molecules happens the re-structured molecules produced a cross-link bondage that rarely links in chain of atoms in a complex molecular chains that results in coupling reaction which produces synergistic effects.

The end product therefore, has an excellent absorption, which guarantees reduction in the use of toxic chemical pesticide, resulting in a huge savings for the farmers and the agrochemical companies in particular. 

Mode of actions
Advance suffocation, rapid penetration and excellent absorption into the specific target application. Once the adjuvant oil sprayed, it penetrates rapidly and solidifies instantly resulting in a drop of oxygen, paralysis and death eventually.

How to use:
Use only 70% of your  usual insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide then add 30% of intense adjuvant. 

For example:
If your insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide requirement per hectare is 1 kilo or 1 liter, use only 700ml or 700g. Then add 300ml of Intense adjuvant.  

Reference: Mr. Willem Lavarias