Saturday, October 13, 2012

Empower Your Self with EM Power

A family of EM-1 users to bring back the health of Mother Earth

          starting from the HOME. 

Microorganisms have inhabited the EARTH since CREATION by GOD.  They are the hidden organisms that provide balance in nature and the human body. As all created things have their own life cycle or cycle of existence on earth, the microbes do their work by breaking down matter into their basic elements so that these elements can be reused and regenerate the earth. These infinite creations are what keep the soil healthy, so that more plants will grow healthy and productive.  They keep our bodily systems working by breaking down food to be absorbed by the body, including animals and insects. They keep food fresh longer. The beneficial microbes keep odor away by breaking down ammonia and hydrogen sulphides. And many more.

In the 1970’s, Doctor Teruo Higa, a renown  microbiologist from  Okinawa, Japan, discovered the power of these microbes in his experiments.  By accident, the three main groupings of beneficial microbes, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast and Photosynthetic Bacteria together with more than 50 other minor groupings, became the power behind the simple yet effective EM-1, EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS, which is now used in 140 countries in agriculture, aquaculture, cattle farm, waste remediation, environmental regeneration and for household sanitation. Kitchen waste and farm waste are composted fast and used as organic fertilizer and soil conditioning.  EM activated solution  is the cheapest solution for odor removal in pig pens, poultry house, canals, slaughter houses, markets, kitchen and pets. And on a big scale, to put back life into dead rivers and lakes! Please visit for news around the world.

In Japan, where EM-1 was first used as soil conditioner in rice fields in the 70’s, millions of households are now benefitting from its power to remove odor from garbage cans, recycle kitchen waste into organic compost for the garden,  cleaning up kitchen and bathroom tiles, clearing up clogged kitchen sink drain from accumulated hardened oil residue (cebo), removing odor from your pet dog and cat as well as their living quarters.  Clearing up the murky aquarium water from growing algae. 

It is an effective agent to RECYCLE, REUSE and REGENERATE.  And it is so cheap. It can be done by anyone from 5 years old to 90 years old.


HARBEST ORGANIX is  organizing the EM-POWER CLUB to promote the use of EM-1 in households by educating parents and children, NGO’s and LGUs on the benefits of EM-1 in maintaining cleanliness, health and lessening the ill-effect of too much organic garbage. By recycling, tons of these kitchen and garden waste will be reused and expenses of disposing them will be saved.

Membership is free. It is open to everyone who wants to learn, earn and benefit from EM POWER. Hopefully, they will become the catalyst in promoting and teaching the proper use of EM in their communities and let as many people benefit from EM.

All Club members will get a discount of P30.00 per EM Pares and EM litro purchased. P10 from every EM Pares and Litro will be donated by HARBEST ORGANIX to a Club Fund to support community activities for the promotion of EM-POWER CLUB.  For volume orders by boxes, the usual discounted pricing will be applied as published in our price list.
EM Litro – SRP P580.00 in Manila,  discounted price is P500.00.  12 liters per box.
EM-PARES – SRP P 150.00 in Manila, discounted price is P100.00.  12 pares per box.

All members are encouraged to join the training by HARBEST ORGANIX TEAM in their community or at Harbest Seminar Room at No. 5 Rosemarie Lane, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.  P300/person, with free EM-Pares, reading materials and snack.  Every third Saturday, 9am to 11am at Harbest Seminar Room.  For community-based lectures, please arrange with Ms. Mitch Razo. P30/person from the P300 seminar fee will be donated to the community EM-POWER CLUB.

Just contact us at Tel. No. 6717411 to 14, Email us through harbestorganix@yahoo,, or text your name, address, email address, cell number and type EM-POWER CLUB to 0917-8507888/0932-8458755. 

Please look for Ms. Mitch Razo or Mr. Bobbit Barbadillo. 

Home Owners Association, NGOs, LGUs Health Department or other government agencies, can become members. Harbest will assist you to establish your local chapter of the EM-POWER CLUB.

Join now!  Our MOTHER EARTH is slowly dying.  Do we wait for the time when all drinking water should be bottled?  When you too is slowly dying from sickness caused by a highly toxic environment and taking a daily dosage of toxic food?  
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