Monday, December 8, 2014

Prevent vegetable pest and diseases now!

EM-5 contains esters formed by mixing acetic acid and alcohol. This is primarily use to prevent pest and diseases. It acts as barrier around the plant. EM-5 contains 5 main ingredients listed below.
600 ml Non-chlorinated water 
100 ml EM-1 Concentrate
100 ml Molasses
100ml Distilled Spirits (Lambanog, Gin)
100 ml Naturally fermented vinegar (coconut vinegar (tuba), Sugarcane vinegar)
***To enhance its effect you may add at least 150-250g of chopped chili, garlic, onion, ginger, neem leaves and fruit, marigold, different herbs, or any plant parts with medicinal and insecticidal properties.

***In rainy season you need sticker so that anything you spray like foliar fertilizers or pesticide will not be easily be wash out by too much water. In this case you may add slimy plants or fruit on your fermentation such as malavar spinach (Alugbati), jute leaves (saluyot), aloe vera or okra


Use NEEM LEAVES and FRUIT in your EM-5. Neem's active ingredient called "azadirachtin"  could control wide range of pest and diseases.
If you want to target specific pest or disease use specific plant parts with the capability to repel or kill insect pest or control the reproduction of disease.
For Example: If your problem mostly is aphids and whiteflies use more garlic on your EM-5. For worms and leaf spots use more chili or ginger. For leaf blight use more ipil-ipil, kakawate, or onion and many more.

It is ready to use if it has sweet sour smell and pH drops to 4 below. After fermentation you may keep the plant parts in EM-5 and filter it every time you want to use it OR you may filter it right after fermentation to separate the solid from liquid using cheesecloth. Put the plant part on your compost or spread it to your garden to repel insect pest.
Use EM-5 within 3 months.


Dilute 1 liter EM-5 to 100 up to 500 liters of water. Spray it to plant early in the morning or late in the afternoon. For maintenance use 1:500 dilution at least once a week. But if insect pest or diseases started to build up use 1:100 dilution rate. Spray especially underside of leaves.

At nursery use 1:500 to 1000 dilution rate.

To simplify:
♠ Per liter of water dilute 2-10 ml EM-5.
♠ Per knapsack sprayer (16 liters) dilute 32 ml to 160 ml of EM-5.
          ☻ In field we actually don't use measuring cap. Instead we use empty cans of sardines  
               (150ml). Therefore for every knapsack sprayer use half can of sardines to 1 can of  sardines.
♠  Per drum (200 liters) water dilute 400 ml to 2 liters of EM-5. OR 1 liter EM-5 per drum.


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