Wednesday, May 23, 2012



☻EM Bokashi*
☻Compost Bucket*
☻Fresh Kitchen garbage (eggshells, fish scraps, fruit and vegetable peelings and leftovers)


 Prepare a compost bucket for easy collection of excess water during fermentation. 
Improvised bucket using ordinary pail and basin. Make a hole at the bottom of the pail to drain the liquid.
Put a handful of bokashi inside the compost bucket. If drainage holes are too big put news paper inside and moisten it with EM fermented rice rinse wash before spreading bokashi.

Mix 30-40g of EM bokashi into kitchen garbage (enough to coat kitchen waste). Then put it on the bucket. Press the kitchen garbage to compress and remove air. If kitchen garbage is limited use an inside lid to avoid exposing the kitchen waste to air.

Do the same procedure on No.5 until the bucket is full. Cover the container tightly. Store it in shaded area for 14 days. Sweet-sour smell signifies good fermentation. 


During fermentation collect the kitchen waste juice and use it within the day to avoid spoilage. Dilute 1-2 ml of this juice per 1 liter of water. Use this within the day to water the plants. Pour 50-100 ml of kitchen waste juice to kitchen sink drainage to prevent clogging and clean the drainage pipes.

Main Reasons of Failure
1. Kitchen garbage was already rotten before fermentation.
2. Excessive water.
3. Size of garbage was too large (Bokashi is not mixed well)
4. EM Bokashi was too little.
5. Poor Quality of Bokashi.
6. Garbage juice was not drained regularly.
7. Too much time lapsed since treatment started.

             As a result of this failure the garbage will smell putrid and maggots will appear. To treat this, pour hot water on the garbage to kill the maggots. Bury it on soil away from the plants. Dilute 20 ml of EMAS per 1 liter of water and spray this to the soil and garbage until 50-80% moisture is attained. Soil can be use again after one month after fermentation process is done.

How to make EMAS using Non-chlorinated water


1 liter Non-chlorinated water or Rice Rinse Wash
30 ml EM-1 Concentrate
30 ml Molasses


1. Dissolve 30 ml molasses/ 30g brown sugar to 1 liter non-chlorinated water. 

2. Add 30 ml EM-1 and mix well. 

3. Cover the container tightly. Keep it at room temperature away from direct sunlight. 

4. On the third day loosen the cap to release the gas inside the bottle and tighten again. 

5. Start using EMAS in 7 days. It should have sweet-sour smell. Use EMAS within 1 month

How to use Fermented Kitchen Garbage

 Prepare soil 3 times the volume of the fermented kitchen garbage.

Mix the fermented kitchen garbage with soil.
Mix well and put it on planter with drainage holes. Cover with soil.

Dilute 2 tablespoon or 20 ml of EMAS in 1 liter of non-chlorinated water
Spray diluted EMAS to ensure decomposition process.
Cover the planter with news paper and plastic to keep the moisture and avoid rain. 
Leave it for at least 2 weeks. Appearance of white molds doesn’t indicate failure.

You may start sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings on the planters.
Leafy vegetables with fermented kitchen waste.


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