Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Light Trap for Insect Pest

              Flying pests are naturally attracted to either white light or ultra-violet light. Through field research, Taiwan scientists were able to design a simple and effective apparatus that attracts nocturnal insects - meaning they search for food at night. These insects are attracted to white lights and UV-Lights. The electrical fan will suck in the attracted insects into the net trap and they will die of hunger in the net within 24 - 36 hours.
Aside from minimizing the crop damage of harmful insects, Luminex-LT500 has other beneficial uses too.

• for agricultural research, actual pest population for a specific period can be objectively 
• for pets and animals, lessens the threat of mosquito bites to animal health.
• for resorts, schools, parks and restaurants, lessens the mosquito population, insects damage to 
  plants & property.             
• for grains/seeds storage. Reduces storage pests population that threaten the quality of your 
  seed & grain stock. Attracts moth effectively.
•  easy to install                              
•  low power usage
•  long -term benefits                                 
•  safe

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