Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make your own Foliar Fertilizer



     EM-FPE contains bioactive substances and minerals from plant which are extracted through a fermentation process. It works overtime through biological process and hence regular applications are required. It is not harmful to plants and animals. It has no overdose and with excessive applications the vigor of plants is enhanced by the absorption of EM derivatives and developing antioxidants within the plant. This enhances the ability of plants to resist the influence of pest and diseases. Though EM-FPE takes time to develop beneficial effects, its use will certainly enhance the quality of the crop and environment.
Fermented plant extract is made from fresh aromatic plants. This contains bio active substances, organic acids, minerals and other organic compounds which are extracted from plants through fermentation. FPE is  used as plant activator and use to PREVENT pest and diseases.

Materials for 16 liters container
1. Fresh young plants chopped      14 liters (2-3kg)
(Herbs, neem leaves, kakawati, weeds, dropped fruits, etc)
It should be harvested early in the morning and harvest only the young leaves or shoots because you are after the natural juice of the plant.
2. Non-chlorinated water               14 liters
3. EM-1 Concentrate                     420 ml
4. Molasses                                    420 ml
Use tightly sealed container    
For 1 liter container
1. Fresh plants chopped        700-800 grams
2. Non-chlorinated water        700 ml
3. EM-1 Concentrate              26 ml
4. Molasses                            26 ml 


1.    Harvest young shoots in the morning and chop this young shoots into smaller pieces (2-5cm) and place it on container

2.    Dilute molasses to water and mix EM-1 concentrate. Mix well before pouring it to the chopped leaves.
3. Cover the container with black polythene or vinyl
4.    Place the lid of container on the top of the black cover and place some weights on it. Avoid having space between the liquid and cover.
5.    Store the container in warm place (20-35 oC), away from direct sunlight.
6.    Fermentation is initiated and gas is generated within 2-5 days. This depends on the ambient temperature.
7.    Stir the container to release the gasses.
8.    EM-FPE is ready to use in 14 days, when it has sweet sour smell.
9.    Filter to separate liquid to its sludge. Use EM-FPE within 3 months.
10.    Always store the EM-FPE in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.
Add to soil at a dilution of  1:100-500 by manually, using a sprinkler or by drip irrigation methods. 
*1:500-1,000 dilution(for nursery)
→Enhance the root development and soil improvement.
  Spray on leaves
  Spray to crops at a dilution of 1:100-500.
→Enhance the growth, the resistance to diseases and pests and the quality of the products. 


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