Monday, August 6, 2012



       July 28, 2012.  Angelo Raya and his wife, Nicolette, shared their story using EM in his poultry and piggery farms as deodorizer for piggery and pro-biotic drink for poultry. Angelo read about EM through the Agriculture Magazine six months ago and learned about its effective application in poultry and piggery in Thailand.  At that time, he had problems of bad odor emanating from his piggery in Montalban. As urbanization sets in, his piggery is surrounded by residential area and odor is a main complaint of residents.  Upon learning about the EM-1 application for odor control in animal pens, he learned from Harbest Organix staff how to prepare EMAS with molasses.  He diluted it 50 times and sprayed the diluted EM solution (DEMS) on the collected manure of his pigs every afternoon mixed with carbonized rice hull.  The CRH absorbs the moisture.  After spraying, the feces become dryer and maggots no longer developed.  Odor is greatly minimized and the neighbors no longer complain about the bad odor. 

        Angelo’s family also operates several tunnel-vent type poultry houses.  As a personal advocacy, he wants to reduce his use of anti-biotics.  He is now doing trials for one poultry house using EM-1 mixed with the drinking water at 1:2000 ratio.  He observed that chickens drinking this EM treated water (non-chlorinated) has better growth and healthier. The maturity is one to two days earlier, resulting in lower feed and electrical cost.  His anti-biotic use was also reduced resulting to further savings. 

         EM-1, effective microorganism inoculants, developed by Dr. Teruo Higa of EM Research Organization of Japan, is now getting wide application in poultry and piggery in the Philippines. Harbest Organix, the organic and natural farming advocacy arm of Harbest, is now actively promoting the use of EM-1 in agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and waste management in the Philippines. EM-1 is now considered as the cheapest input for organic farming that is laboratory tested and blended for beneficial microorganism  activated as deodorizer, pro-biotic input, composting inoculant, soil conditioner and feed supplement. In picture are Angelo Raya and his wife, Nicolette, with Mitch Razo, head of Harbest Organix and Bobbit Barbadillo of Harbest EM Team. Get more information about EM applications through email at,

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