Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Baras, Rizal

Mr. Cedric Sycip (Owner)  and Ms. Cecilia Diabor (Farm Manager)
      Rancho de Oro  farm has 4 conventional broiler houses. These houses measures 26-30 ft x 180 feet. Three of these houses have 5,700 up to 10,000 heads of broiler the smallest one has 1000 heads of broiler in 28ft x 18ft area.
     They use EM-1 Concentrate in drinking water and EMAS (EM Activated Solution) in spraying the manure and sanitizing the whole area. These greatly eliminate foul odor in poultry houses.
The use of antibiotics has been reduced and the broilers remain healthy. EM-1 was combined with Bacillus subtilisis gram-positive aerobic bacteria. They spray it in 3-5 days interval together with EMAS (EM Activated Solution). They also used Biotector S1W which is against Salmonella bacteria.
 They also tried other beneficial microorganisms available in the market but they are more satisfied to the effect of EM-1.

According to Mr. Cedric Sycip,
"We're quite happy in EM-1. We noticed that it doesn't attract flies and our manure is easier to gather after the growing season, as they are not only dry but partially decomposed already. It’s very good. We're using it with combination of Bacillus subtulis and also Biotector (bacteria against salmonella)”
  Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens Linnaeus) was also observed in this area. Black soldier fly is beneficial insect that feeds on decomposing organic matter and also helps in reducing housefly eggs on poultry manure. Adults are harmless and do not bite. For more information about black soldier fly you may visit or .

At present Mr. Cedric Sycip is actively promoting the use of EM-1 in poultries near their area as well as to his friends who are engaged on this business.

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